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Takı Satış is the most extensive new generation jewellery shopping platform which you can always reach at gold, diamond, silver, jewellery and accessory with mobile technology. It make difference with the collection carefully produced with quality labor, latest technology and trends.

Lunica Jewellery

Lunica Jewellery offer to customers all kinds of gold without compromising on quality. It is preferred in entire Europe with the collection of solitaire ring, five stone ring, pave-set diamond and wedding ring.


Luni-Gold offer to customers the collection which has high quality and labor with using cns and laser technology. It make difference with necklace, earring, wristlet privatized by attaching writing and picture on private produced, special cut plaque.

Dalman Silver

Our brand Dalman Silver is preferred by women of different age group, contains latest trends silvers as jewel quality and labor. Nowadays women’s outfit style is combined with low-cost silver accessory and that make our brand stand out.

By Lunica Diamond

Our brand By Lunica Pırlanta contains high quality, color and labor international and brand certificated. Solitaire diamond pendant, earring, diamond waterway bracelet, solitaire ring, five stone ring, pave-set diamond and wedding rings are the most preferred products. The right choice for the women who like magnificence and gleam.

Aurum Skull

Our Aurum Skull brand make difference inside his rivals with his unusual men’s jewellery ; necklace, bracelet and rings produced with quality labor, high technology and special designed. Men who are confident, attentive, follow new generation trends, want to make a difference and attract attention, have leading spirit and strong postures prefer Aurum Skull jewelry and accessories.

Dalmann Chocolate

Dalmann Chocolate Brand brings together chocolate lovers in many countries of the world with its huge product range consisting of almost every kind of chocolate, from chocolate coated dragee varieties to madlen chocolates, special chocolates to tablet chocolates. Special themed box chocolates are also prepared for special events, hotels and corporate promotions.

Sipermatik & Face Shield

In present-day global struggle it has contributed in many areas by producing the ‘Face Protection Shield’.