1986 yılında ticari işletme olarak faaliyetine başlayan Ofis Depot Grubun gücü, mücevherat ve kuyumculuk imalat ve satışında yarım asırı aşkın tecrübeye dayanmaktadır.
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Ofis Depot Group;

We export to five (5) continent gold, diamond, silver etc. all kinds of jewellery with our designs following current technology and trends.

Technology , Stability, Confidence, Pleasure

Ofis Depot

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us!

Our essential principle is meeting the customer satisfaction with meeting their expectation and requirement on time. The base of the customer satisfaction policy is ‘Customer Orientation’. We aim to have longtime relationship with our customers and to upgrade always our process in accordance with their requests and expactations.

Our Objective İs To Ensure Sustainable Customer Satisfaction

Customer proposals and complaints are managed based on this values; the primary priority of our company is evaluate with the perspective of customer orientation, fair and impartial, appropriate for legal necessity, systematic and professionally. We continue to raise our service quality with our innovator work procedure in the direction of our customers needs and expectations.

High Quality And Labor

Our Brands