About Us
Güncel teknoloji ve trendleri takip eden tasarımlarımız ile altın, pırlanta , gümüş vb. her türlü takı ve mücevherat üretimlerinin ihracatını beş ( 5 ) kıtaya yapmaktayız.
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About Us

We ground on ensuring our customers feel happy and special with our innovator perceptive.

At 1986 Office Depot Group went into action as commercial undertake. His strength is based on experience over half century in jewellery manufacturing and selling. We export to five (5) continent gold, diamond, silver etc. all kinds of jewellery with our designs which follows current technology and trends. We continue our work with attaching importance to innovation and research and development technology, perceptive of quality opened to constant upgrade and development, totally unconditional customer satisfaction. We continue to raise the recognition domestic and foreign with brands; Ofis Depot; Lunica Jewellery, Luni-Gold, Dalman Silver, Dalman Jewellery, By Lunica Diamond, Aurum Skull, Dalman Chocolate. By 2018 with the web site www.takisatis.com we offer to customers retail of this brands.At the same time, it continues to expand its activities by making new investments in the wholesale and retail sales of electronic and technological products, supply of glass products, import and export, high quality technological production infrastructure and e-commerce.


Our vision is making difference in all areas supplying with consumer demand and needs in high quality. We develop our methods on the purpose of raising productivity and activity in international market, we want to be one of the reputable and confidential foundations of Turkey


Our mission is developing our  product and service quality for supplying with customer expectations and demands on top level. We aim to ensure the loyalty of customer with creating an emotional bond by powerful communication and raise our competitive capacity and profitability.